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Hi Paul
No, fungi are not ignored. Some Russulaceae taxa will be part of a pilot study conducted as part of the project, as well as  some Bryophyta. Also, there is an effort made to emphasis mycrohizae relation in other pilots.
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Yet again the fungi are ignored in a major EU project ... at a time when the ash tree is being devastated across europe by an emergent fungal pathogen. When will botanist realize that plant do not have roots - they have mycorhizae? How can 'Data acquisition and curation' and 'Semantic mark-up' be carried out when a major branch on the tree of life is ignored?

Paul M. Kirk
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Pro-iBiosphere is a European Union  FP7 funded project to develop an outline of a future European open biodiversity knowledge management system. The Pro-iBiosphere project has been launched on September 1, 2012 for the period of 2 years addressing technical and semantic interoperability issues and challenges that will ultimately lead to a more efficient system of the management of biodiversity information.  For practical reasons and to demonstrate the functionality of the proposed ideas, the test beds are primarily the production of floras and faunas produced at the partner's institutions, how they can be linked to external datasets, and how the new information can be made more widely accessible.

A series of open workshops will be help to discuss specific tasks in the envisioned system.

Consortium partners are the Naturalis Leiden, the Royal Botanical Garden Kew, the National Botanic Garden Belgium,  the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Sigma Orionis, Pensoft and Plazi.

More information is available at http://www.pro-ibiosphere.eu/

Donat Agosti

Plazi / Pro-iBiosphere


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