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 Hi Alan,

I have used the following books for my Plant Systematic modules:

WOODLAND, D.W. 2009. Contemporary Plat Systematics 4th edn. Andrew University Press, Berrien Springs. ISBN 978-1-883925-64-2. [This is a nice mix of practical and field botany and molecular systematics Introduces students to the broad picture -- good level 2 & 3 textbook]

SIMPSON, M.G. 2010. Plant Systematics. 2nd edn. Elsevier Academic Press: Burlington. ISBN 978-0-12-374380-0. [This is a popular text book in South Africa for years 2 to honours].

JUDD, W.S., CAMPBELL, C.S., KELLOGG, E.A., STEVENS, P. & DONOGHUE, M.J. 2007. Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach. Sinauer Associates : Sunderland. ISBN-13: 9780878934072. [Excellent for Honours and Postgrad teaching]

SOLTIS, D.E., SOLTIS, P.E., ENDRESS, P.K. & CHASE, M.C. 2005. Phylogeny and Evolution of Angiosperms. Sinauer Associates : Sunderland. ISBN 0 87893 817 6 [Focused on the molecular -- for the more mature student]

I would be interested to see what other lecturers around the world are using.


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After a ten-year hiatus, I'm going to be teaching Systematic Biology this spring to a mix of graduate and upper division undergraduate students. The class itself is a mix of lecture and lab, and I've been looking over a few recently published books as potential texts. Wiley and Lieberman (2011) looks like a solid candidate for lecture topics; Barry Hall's book seemed promising as a hands-on guide, except for its exclusive focus on molecular data (not sure how I missed that).

Anyone have any experiences with these, or others, as course textbooks? Any suggestions or recommendations would be most appreciated.



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