[Taxacom] pro-iBiosphere project Web Site launched

Richard HARDWICK rch at skynet.be
Thu Nov 8 10:57:13 CST 2012

Donat Agosti wrote
> Tell me, where money is spent on new technology and wasted?

I just did a quick Google search for work on databases funded
by the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and
Technological Development (FP)

    "site://cordis.europa.eu   database"
      => about 39,300 results

    "site://cordis.europa.eu   database   biodiversity"
      => about 3,650 results

While it would be invidious here to point to individual
database projects that "wasted money", it may be relevant
to note that the European Parliament recently advised
that the FP should

    "pay more attention to

(their emphasis) [1]

Richard H

[1] EU Budget Support for Research and Innovation;
    ISBN 978-92-823-3752-3
    page 44

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