[Taxacom] Biodiversity data and ABS

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Hi Fabian,

Can you define what you mean by biodiversity data in this context?  On the face of it, since at least some data about biodiversity - geographical data, names - are not genetic resources,  they are not covered by ABS regulations or legislation.  One can construct a scneario of their use to locate genetic resources, although I do not know if this has happened, but that is a rather different issue.

I would maintain also that morphological descriptions, behavioural data and such like are also not necessarily  based on utilization of genetic resources as defined by the Nagoya Protocol, which take a lot of the EoL content out of ther equation.  When we move on to genetic information that becomes a different question, of course.


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I am currently working on a paper on Access and benefit Sharing, GBIF,
EoL and others, and Information Sharing. I section will deal with
commercial use of biodiversity data.

Somehow I am unable to locate concrete commercial examples of the use
biodiversity data. Most seems uncommercial, at least non-profit or

Do you have any ideas? Links, pdfs or key words are welcomed.

best Fabian


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