[Taxacom] Identification of N Atlantic (US) intertidal amphipods

Dilrukshan Wijesinghe dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 10 07:04:04 CST 2012

I am looking for literature suggestions for the identification of small amphipod species found associated with fine sand, algae, etc. (and mostly apparently tube-building), on flat man-made surfaces bordering a tidal creek in the New York area. Kenneth L. Gosner's (1978) Atlantic seashore guide in the Peterson field guide series gives E. L. Bousfield (1973) Shallow-water Gammaridean Amphipoda of New England (Cornell Univ. Press) as the standard work but perhaps there are other more recent (and more easily accessible) publications and online aids to identification. As samples contain large numbers of these creatures with the debris any suggestions for speeding up sorting would be appreciated, also suggestions for fixative/preservative. 70% ethanol is used currently but seems to render the animals rather brittle.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions. 
D. P. Wijesinghe
dpwijesinghe at yahoo.com

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