[Taxacom] Eocytes and Prokaryota (was: All levels of organisation and manifestation ...)

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Dear All,
      I was sent a weblink to a paper by Williams et al., 2012 (just published last month online in advance of the printed edition).  It not only supports the conclusions of Cox et al., 2008 (Archaebacteria as paraphyletic with respect to Eukaryota), but expands the data to include other members of the TACK supergroup.  I guess you could now call it the "TACK hypothesis", rather than the "eocyte hypothesis.  Anyway, here's the weblink:
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> Dear All,   
>       In yesterday's post (below) I mentioned Lake's eocyte hypothesis.  I was just reading a paper by Cox et al., 2008, which revives and provides additional evidence supporting Lake's eocyte hypothesis (with Archaebacteria being paraphyletic with respect to Eukaryota).  It states that this evidence does NOT support the 3 Domain Hypothesis.  Here's a weblink to the article:     
> http://www.pnas.org/content/105/51/20356.full
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