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Dear Gregor,

the problem with content is that its hard to demonstrate that any given quantum of content will make any difference.  I would content that most content projects are "local interest" meaning they are of value to small communities.  That is not a bad thing, provided they can be linked up into a "data lake" and not remain as "data puddles".

Infrastructure projects, by and large, focus on reducing the cost of building content.  How many pilots have we seen that produce terrific content, but don't roll out any further?

We, as a community, need to address the overall balance.  Doing it the old way was too slow and expensive.  New ways of working, like BHL, achieve great things but are often held back by the lack of associated end-points, specifically effective ways to mine the data for content and link it to other stuff.

We need a mixed approach because throwing money at the old methods isn't going to break the log-jam.

Cheers, Dave
On 15 Nov 2012, at 22:08, Gregor Hagedorn wrote:

> Chris,
> I largely agree with you with respect to software versus content. (My
> addition is that content needs to be open content, like open source,
> available to others - which sadly a majority of content producing
> biologists does not subscribe to.)
> But a) the project is actually already stretching the frame of its
> pure "coordination" funding to work on pilots = content, and b) an
> earlier project that asked the majority of money for content work fell
> through, because reviewer considered it too expensive to work on
> content. How do we change this?
> More need to become project reviewers and policy influencers...
> Gregor
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