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Dear all
Greetings from CRIKSC
(Centre for Research in Indigenous Knowledge Science & Culture)

The volumes 7 and 8 of our journal, SAMAGRA, has been published.
The pdf copies of them are now uploaded to the sites of CRIKSC and SAMAGRA

The contents are listed below.

The volume 8 contains the description of a new subterranean blind
catfish of the genus Horaglanis. It is the third species of this
endemic genus from the underground channels of Kerala, and is named as
Horaglanis abdulkalami by Dr. K.K. Subhash Babu of Jimma University,
Ethiopia. [view] [download pdf]

We invite you to have a look at the new issues of SAMAGRA.
With best regards
KP Rajesh
(Secretary, CRIKSC)

Volume 7 [2011]
Front cover [view] [download pdf]
Front inner [view] [download pdf]
Back cover [view] [download pdf]

Tantrika, Mantrika, Yaaga Hertiage of Kerala: A brief Overview. K.S.
Manilal (1-7) [view] [download pdf]
The rice landrace Oryza sativa Linn. cv. Navara in Kerala - A review.
Shynimary Varghese and Maya, C. Nair (8-15) [view] [download pdf]
Medicinal Bamboos of Kerala, India. M. Remesh and Muktesh Kumar
(16-20) [view] [download pdf]
Brahmaputra: as a River and Legend (Based on Mahabharata text).
Prajini, T.G. (21-24) [view] [download pdf]
Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge on Paddy Cultivation in Kuttanad,
Kerala. Unnikrishnan, N. (25-28) [view] [download pdf]
Bryophyte diversity of the Western Ghats – an appraisal. Manju C.N.
(29-44) [view] [download pdf]
Life Members of CRIKSC. (45-48) [view] [download pdf]

Back inner cover: [view] [download pdf]
	Best vedic book award to Sri. Sudheesh Namboodiri
	CRIKSC Publications
Volume 8 [2012] Published on 15 November 2012

Front Cover [view] [download pdf]
Back Cover [view] [download pdf]
Front inner cover [view] [download pdf]
Editorial 1 [view] [download pdf]
Contents 2 [view] [download pdf]
Sikhism in Kerala - A Forgotten Chapter in the Social History of the
State. K.S. Manilal (3-10) [view] [download pdf]
Vyasa - the originator of Heliocentric theory. C. Krishnan Namboodiri
(11-12) [view] [download pdf]
Musical Instruments in Ancient India. Sini, T.K. (13-14) [view] [download pdf]
Soma. Sudheesh Namboodiri (14) [view]  [download pdf]
Plant Resources of Kerala: Scope for Exploring Promising Natural
Products. Reneela, P. and M. Remesh (15-19) [view] [download pdf]
Present status of Bryophyte diversity in Kerala. Manju, C.N. and K.P.
Rajesh (20-27) [view] [download pdf]
Status of Lichen diversity in Kerala, India. Stephen Sequiera (28-39)
[view] [download pdf]
Editor’s pick: Gaekwar of Baroda and the beginning of the end of
British Rule in India. K.S. Manilal (40-43) [view] [download pdf]
Distribution, Uses and Conservation Status of Palm Resources in the
Andaman & Nicobar Archipelago. V. B. Sreekumar (44-50) [view][download
Horaglanis abdulkalami, a new hypogean blind catfish (Siluriformes:
Clariidae) from Kerala, India. K. K. Subash Babu (51-56) [view]
[download pdf]

Back inner cover: [view] [download]
 Prof. K.S. Manilal honoured with the “Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau”
 Fellowship from Linnean Society of London to Dr. Mamiyil Sabu

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