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Subject: Bayard Long Award for botanical research: call for applications

Hello all,

The Philadelphia Botanical Club is seeking applications for the Bayard Long Award, which supports student research in botany. This year we have doubled the size of the award, to $1000. The deadline for applications is December 15.

The research must be relevant to plants of our region, though it can include additional plants not found in our region, and the research itself can be conducted outside our region. For example, a student at a midwestern university could apply with a study of hackberries, as long as the research includes at least one of the hackberry species found in our area.

If you're a student in botany, I urge you to consider applying. I urge all members to pass this on to anyone who might be interested. In recent years, the success rate for applicants has been over 50%, so the Bayard Long Award represents a good opportunity.

I've attached information on the award. The same information is available on our web site at http://darwin.ansp.org/hosted/botany_club/long_award.html


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