[Taxacom] request for information on fungus Angelina...

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Tue Oct 2 07:49:10 CDT 2012

Dear Jason:


I will reply via direct email  and not via taxacom although for this
email I have left it on.





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Dr. Redhead, I forgot to sign my original email.  My name is Jason
Karakehian, Boston, MA.  Thank you.

Dear Dr. Redhead, I am researching for publication the distribution of
the ascomycete Angelina rufescens.  I am working as an independent
research at the Farlow Herbarium with Don Pfister.  Hysterium rufescens
and Ascobolus conglomeratus are synonyms.  How might I search for any
Canadian collections of this fungus?  I have not been able to access to
the collection database. Is it possible for me to obtain a list of
collections at DAOM?  Thank you very much.

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