[Taxacom] Taxatoy and the jaggies

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Thu Oct 4 00:01:26 CDT 2012


Does anyone care to speculate why Ubio's taxatoy graph of counts of new
species in the online tool looks so sparse from the 1940s onwards?  ION's
Animalia totals look way more realistic, and have >15,000 per year from
the 1970s, with the Animalia fig in the published paper in 2008 about
taxatoy at least in same ballpark, although having lower counts at ~10,000
per year.  What is shown in the taxatoy display doesn't seem to match
those two at all. Perhaps something is amiss?  A blog pic from 2011 shows
the same unlikely and different graph was there a year ago.



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