[Taxacom] considerations for erecting (or sinking) higher taxa

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Hi Michael, 
          Well, over the years, Ernst Mayr tackled that subject on every taxonomic level from superspecies to Domains and Empires.  You might start with the book by Mayr and Ashlock, 1991 (Principles of Systematic Zoology, 2nd Edition) and references therein.  And for a discussion mainly at higher taxonomic levels (Kingdoms, Phyla, and Classes), try Thomas Cavalier-Smith, 1998 ("A Revised Six-Kingdom System of Life"; Biol. Rev. 73:203-266).  They are both adherents of one criterion in particular (Principle of Balance).   However, I believe Mayr did a better overall job with another pair of criteria (maximizing the stability of names whenever possible, without sacrificing informativeness/utility).         
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> Subject: [Taxacom] considerations for erecting (or sinking) higher taxa
> Hello all,
> Does anyone have references to papers that discuss criteria for erecting (or sinking) taxa above the species level. (Besides the obvious monophyly).
> Thanks in advance
> Mike
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