[Taxacom] Morphological molecular reconciliation again (was erecting or sinking higher taxa

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Richard's conclusion is only possible by saying that the morpogenetic
evidence is wrong (i.e. throwing it out). And I did mention in my response
an explanation for the molecular evidence being wrong in this case - that
the molecular evidence result has been negatively affected by the presence
of unrecognized plesiomorphies (due to the phenetic nature of character
state determination and analysis).

John Grehan

On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 11:47 AM, Richard Zander
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>  Yes, that's it! Orangutans may be the progenitors of all chimps,
> gorillas, humans, bonabos and extinct human-like shamblers in the African
> forests. Is there another explanation of the molecular pattern given the
> morphological data you vouch for? The sister group of homo is an orangutan
> clade that is now extinct but makes orangutan a paraphyletic group.
> Another explanation that does not just throw out conflicting information?
> What is it?
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>> Suppose that there is an orangutan sister group to humans that is now
>> extinct.
> If this extinct sister group is closer to humans than orangutans, and
> therefore an extinct sister group to humans, it is not an orangutan
> sistergroup since that entity would encompass all living and extinct taxa
> comprising the human clade, and those comprising an orangutan clade.

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