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Nomenclatural notes
We are inaugurating a new section in the Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature (BZN) to publish nomenclatural acts that might otherwise be delayed or lost in publication of larger works, thus meeting needs of the taxonomic community and speeding nomenclatural treatments. These notes can include, but are not restricted to, type designations, reversal of precedence, or First Reviser actions, i.e. issues that that require author’s actions prescribed by the Code and explicit citations of Code’s articles. These notes should be very brief and should not contain taxonomic information that does not pertain to the nomenclatural issue that is the focus. Any publication in this section will be expected to be entered in ZooBank and we encourage inclusion of appropriate illustrations.

This new section has been approved by the ICZN Council and ITZN Board. The usual BZN page  and colour image charges will apply, with a waiver available on application for authors in unwaged or financially disadvantaged positions.


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