[Taxacom] Call for Applications VertNet Undergraduate Internship

Robert Guralnick Robert.Guralnick at colorado.edu
Wed Oct 17 12:28:12 CDT 2012

*VertNet is pleased to announce the VertNet Undergraduate Internship,
scheduled for the Summer of 2013.  This internship is an opportunity for
two undergraduate students to gain valuable training and practical
experience in biodiversity informatics, biodiversity research and
systematics, and museum collection management.

Two internship positions are available; one at the University of
California, Berkeley, and one at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
 Internships will not exceed three months (12 weeks) and will include
participation in VertNet’s Biodiversity Informatics Training Workshop in
Boulder, Colorado, on June 24-28
as a part of the Interns’ training.

Who should apply?
We welcome applications from eligible student from within the United States
and U.S. Territories interested in pursuing a biodiversity informatics
project while exploring the practice of science as conducted at a natural
history museum.  Undergraduate students and students preparing to graduate
in Spring 2013 are eligible to apply.  We are interested in individuals who
are self-motivated and can apply new tools and data resources creatively to
questions of biodiversity, which may be in ecology, conservation,
geography, evolutionary biology, environmental science, computer science,
museums, or library and information science.

Interns will work with the VertNet project team of experienced museum
curators, researchers, and informaticists, as well as individuals from
VertNet integration partners, such as AmphibiaWeb, Animal Diversity Web,
and EOL, to design and conduct a research project that synthesizes and
analyzes data from multiple biodiversity resources.  These projects can be
informatics-based, writing code and programming novel ways to analyze or
display these kinds of data, or they can be biologically-focused, using
data to answer questions about species diversity, ecology, evolution, or
distributions. The internship will emphasize the creation, use, and
analysis of aggregated biodiversity data from VertNet, and other sites, for
research and data improvement and the contribution of data back to these
sites.  We expect research project to focus on assembling species dataset
for use in spatial ecological modeling or global change biology.  We are,
however, open to other research topics and foci.  Projects do not need to
be fully realized at the time of application.

Publication of the results from the internship is encouraged and will be
supported by the VertNet team.  Publication may take the form of web-based
species accounts for VertNet integration partners, georeferencing species
occurrence data, open-source software, or collaborations on other
scientific publications.

VertNet Project Team members
at CU Boulder include Robert Guralnick and Javier Otegui.  Team members at
UC Berkeley include Carla Cicero, Carol Spencer, Michelle Koo, David Bloom,
John Wieczorek, and  Aaron Steele. In addition to individual research
project mentors, Interns will work with members of the VertNet Project Team
and possibly other museum staff at both institutions to learn about daily
operations of museum, and how those local activities tie into the larger
perspective of global informatics.

At the end of the internship, participants should have:

   1. an understanding of the evolution of, and the workflows within, a
   research project;
   2. basic skills and experience using data repositories, biodiversity
   informatics and analytic tools, and an understanding of which tools are
   appropriate for specific tasks;
   3. an understanding of the operation and maintenance of a natural
   history collection;
   4. knowledge of the abundant biodiversity resources and additional
   training available to them.

Workshop Selection and Support
Acceptance to the VertNet Undergraduate Internship is a competitive,
nation-wide process and is limited to two (2) participants; one at UC
Berkeley and one at CU Boulder.  All applications materials and
recommendations must be received by 11:59pm PT on January 11, 2013 for
consideration.  Accepted participants will be notified in March 2013.

Individuals selected to participate will be considered full time employees
of their respective institutions and paid at the monthly rate of $3150
(CUBoulder)/$3300 (UCBerkeley).  Interns will receive additional support to
cover costs during the workshop for travel between Berkeley and Boulder and
accommodations and per diem (when in residence at the secondary
institution).  Interns will be responsible for their own travel to and from
the internship and accommodations and daily needs while in residence at the
primary institution.  Support is available to help find accommodations in
both locations.

Application materials are available at <http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>
http://www.vertnet.org/about/Internship.php.  Submit all application
materials online (http://www.vertnet.org/about/Internshipapplication.php)
or send all completed materials and one letter of recommendation to
dbloom at vertnet.org.*

Best regards,
Rob Guralnick

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