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Yoannis Domínguez yoannisd at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 18:24:38 CDT 2012

Dear colleagues,
Does anyone have access to this paper???
Comparative morphology of populations of*Monstera* Adans. ( *Araceae* )
from natural forest fragments in Northeast Brazil using elliptic Fourier
Analysis of leaf
M. Andrade<https://springerlink3.metapress.com/content/?Author=I.+M.+Andrade>
, S. J. Mayo<https://springerlink3.metapress.com/content/?Author=S.+J.+Mayo>
, D. Kirkup <https://springerlink3.metapress.com/content/?Author=D.+Kirkup>
and C. Van Den Berg<https://springerlink3.metapress.com/content/?Author=C.+Van+Den+Berg>
KEW BULLETIN <https://springerlink3.metapress.com/content/0075-5974/>
Volume 63, Number 2<https://springerlink3.metapress.com/content/0075-5974/63/2/>
 (2008), 193-211



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