[Taxacom] Mystery photo

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Thu Oct 25 17:23:00 CDT 2012

In the adjusted photo, we can see the following apparent features: 
(1) what appears to be a single pair of wings, held horizontally, much longer than the body of the insect, seemingly narrow and curved, without fringe of long setae;
(2) an apparent abdomen which seems to be white (waxy?) with distinctive looking black segmentation, and perhaps a terminal black sclerite;
(3) a head and thorax, mainly in oblique ventral view, which appear pink/red in colour;
(4) either a pair of long filiform antennae (with long setae?), or a single antenna bifurcated at about 2/3, and with either a swollen scape, or maybe that's an eye, or maybe a scrobe;
(5) what appears to be some shiny small black spheres, possibly eyes set at the hind angles of a triangular head, but possibly there is also a bunch of them between the thorax and the orchid flower, so maybe some sort of spores;
(6) little indication of legs, except perhaps for one hind leg?

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I adjusted the levels in Photoshop -- does this help (or hinder?)


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