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Yes and No.

Neal is right to remind me that the material that appeared in a couple of 
the articles on this DDDD had disclaimers to ensure that the nomenclatural 
availability of names and actions would stem from the PRINTed versions which 
appeared in MYIA series.

So, the series, DDDD, did not disclaim itself. Some authors, however, 
disclaimed their work published in the DDDD.

Thanks, Neal, for that clarification



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It is only now a historical footnote, but in regards to CDROM publications,

There is at least one CDROM serial***:
*** I do not know remember, but I believe back in the late 1990s and early
2000s there were other CDROM publications, etc.

I may be wrong, but think Chris told me that there are new Diptera names 
(replacement names) made available in some of the Catalogue of Life CD-ROMs, 
which resulted from harvesting data from the (then) BDWD Diptera database 
that, at the time, had "working records" that included some manuscript 
replacement names.

Would these names still be available?

Contrary to this, the DDDD that Chris mentioned specifically had a 
"disclaimer" that "no nomenclatural acts are validated herein".


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