[Taxacom] e-only publication for zoology, starts today

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Tue Sep 4 18:12:45 CDT 2012

Rich (CC Taxacom),
I have some questions:
(1) What if electronic and paper versions of a work are published simultaneously? Which version are the new names made available in?
(2) related to (1), electronic and paper versions of a journal usually have different ISSNs, making them effectively different journals. So, if a name is published first electronically, and then on paper, although it is clear that any new names date from the electronic version, it isn't clear if the paper names have any independent nomenclatural status (synonymic homonyms??), in the same way that it is unclear (to me, anyway) what would happen if the same work was published in two different print journals...
(3) At any rate, Zootaxa (at least) has already started registering new names as available from the e-version (though it is unclear if the print version is still published simultaneously?) Looking at an example ZooBank entry (http://zoobank.org/References/7F7302A9-24AD-4F37-8B25-146B64CA1F3D), I see two potential problems:
(i) it doesn't seem to tell me the date and time of registration, so I can't verify that it was before publication!
(ii) the internet address of the online archive (National Digital Heritage Archive of The National Library of New Zealand) is not specified, thus apprently in breach of Art. (and note that "admissible errors" applies only to the work itself, not the ZooBank registration!)I look forward to your responses,
Cheers, Stephen

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> A question that immediately raises itself, is if there have been names (or
> nomenclatural acts) that have been published earlier in the year that now
> suddenly come into existence?

Technically that's not possible, because before one hour ago, it was not
possible to comply with the requirements of the Amendment within ZooBank
(i.e., the old ZooBank did not allow designation of an Archive).

> Or in other words, what is the first zoological name that was published by
> only means, or is this still to be registered?

I'll think we'll be finding out soon.  But which is more interesting:  first
registered, or first published?  Also, I suspect that most existing journals
will not instantly drop the paper edition of the journal, so it may be a
while before we see the first e-"only" published name.  But there may seon
be examples where the date of publication for purposes of priority come from
the e-edition, rather than the paper edition (if the e-edition complies with
the Amendment, and is published prior to the paper edition).


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