[Taxacom] e-only publication for zoology, starts today

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Thu Sep 6 01:24:41 CDT 2012

Yup, that was all part of the discussion.  In general, the decision was to
start liberal, then pull in the reins as experience dictates.  We've got
'bots pretty well covered, at least (Re-Captcha for creating a new account,
requiring a valid email address to which an activation link is sent, etc.).
Someone would have to be intentionally malicious to cause serious problems.




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Fair enough ... the flipside though is that if anyone can create an account
and start registering, you are going to have to have an efficient mechanism
to deal with spammers and vandals, or you'll quickly end up with Zoobank
full of links to porn!!


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> this touches on another point that I don't yet
> fully understand: it seems on the face of it
> now that ZooBank has unilateral control over
> who can or cannot publish e-only, by simply
> refusing registration access to anybody it doesn't like?

Hmmmm.... how so?  Anyone can create a ZooBank account and start

> I'm not sure yet just who can or cannot register
> publications on ZooBank,

Anyone with a functional email address.

> and whether there
> is overt or covert control over this??

Nope. Not yet, anyway.

> So, say, if ol' Trevor Hawkeswood rolls
> on up wanting to register some e-only
> publications for Calodema, does he
> have the right to register them, or could
> he be turned away???

The decision by the ICZN subcommittee on this was to allow anyone to
register and be able to edit the content they created.  Other levels of
access have more to do with editing other records and viewing unpublished
content.  Obviously, if there is abuse of the system, we could very easily
implement a mechanism for suspending an account, or revoking privileges, or
whatever.  But there as yet is no policy for doing so.

But this is exactly the sort of thing the community needs to decide.  In my
mind, ZooBank ultimately belongs to the taxonomic community.  ICZN manages
it, for sure; but ultimately the taxonomic community should drive the
actions and decisions of ICZN in this regard.  At least that's the way I
hope it works, and that it should work.


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