[Taxacom] e-only publication for zoology, starts today

Adam Cotton adamcot at cscoms.com
Fri Sep 7 17:15:58 CDT 2012

One thing that seems rather unclear in the amendment is the wording of 

"8.5.3. be registered in the Official Register of Zoological Nomenclature 
(ZooBank) (see Article 78.2.4) and contain evidence in the work itself that 
such registration has occurred."

Why wasn't the "evidence" required more clearly specified in the article? It 
seems clear that it is insufficient just to state in the publication that 
registration has taken place, but who decides whether the "evidence" is 
sufficient to comply with the article? I would have thought that a clearer 
definition would be useful, such as quoting in the paper the registration 
number or URL of the registration.

One other thing that has occurred to me is that it seems that the door has 
been opened for anyone to write a paper, register the nomenclatural acts and 
publication, apply for an ISBN number, include the relevant information in 
the paper, convert it to pdf and distribute it by e-mail or on a website. Is 
there anything to stop someone from doing just that?


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