[Taxacom] St. Matthew Island, Alaska

Derek Sikes dssikes at alaska.edu
Sat Sep 8 14:17:22 CDT 2012


I spent 5 days sampling terrestrial arthropods on the remote island of St.
Matthew, Alaska this summer and would like to gather all known records.

I'm aware of one published account which includes 18 species listed:

Rausch, R. L. & Rausch, V. R. (1968) on the biology and systematic position
of m abbreviatus, a vole endemic to the st matthew islands, bering sea.
Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde 33: 65-99.

but mentions a total of 70 insect species found. These 70 are not listed in
the publication and presumably are based on (probably uncataloged)
specimens scattered among various higher taxa in the CNC.

Does anyone know of any other publications or collections made of
terrestrial arthropods on St. Matthew Island? Data aggregators like GBIF
are useless for such a narrow geographic query (I sure many wish this were
not so).  Lindroth's Carabidae of Alaska and Canada lists Nebria nivalis
from St. Matthew but I have yet to eyeball every location listed for all
species to extract any other St. Matthew records.

Also, if anyone would like to borrow any material from this expedition we
should have it ready to loan before May. Email me off list at
dssikes at alaska.edu.



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