[Taxacom] The "land plant" taxon (and the paraphyly issue)

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Dear All,          Reducing the huge and diverse "land plant" taxon to the rank of Class is clearly an attempt to avoid paraphyly of its mother taxon, Class Charophyceae.  Anyway, I just ran across a relevant paper (which I had not heard about) on the debate between those who accept paraphyletic taxa and those who do not accept them under any circumstances (the latter who I usually refer to as "strict cladists").  Unfortunately, the article by Mats Envall (2008) seems to be hidden behind a paywall.  Sounds like very interesting reading for anyone who is interested (and would be interested in a PDF myself).  Anyway, here's the title: 
On the difference between mono-, holo-, and paraphyletic groups: a consistent distinction of process and patternMATS ENVALL, 2008Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 94, Issue 1, pages 217–220, May 2008

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear All,          The taxon for land plants has more than one possible name, and such names can (and have been) assigned to more than one taxonomic category.  However, in my opinion the most disturbing classification assigns all land plants to a single Class Equisetopsida (in an extremely broad sense) which is quite unlike that of the normal usage of that term.  I see that Tropicos apparently is following that extremely broad usage, but thankfully many other databases are not.    
>        I wonder how many herbaria which are switching to a strictly APG III classification system are ALSO adopting the extremely broad Class Equisetopsida or clade Equisetopsida (including angiosperms).  I see that wikipedia has two articles on Equisetopsida, one on Class Equisetopsida in the normal sense, and another on Equiteopsida sensu lato (here's the weblink to the latter strange usage):                   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equisetopsida_sensu_lato
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