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Mon Sep 10 14:49:50 CDT 2012

Thank goodness for comic relief. An international criminal gang bent
on striking gold by creating false portals copying taxonomic journals.
I wonder if the ringleader is a disgruntled researcher?


On 10 September 2012 20:36, Doug Yanega <dyanega at ucr.edu> wrote:
> Roland Eberwin wrote:
>>the websites http://www.wulfeniajournal.at and
>>http://www.wulfeniajournal.com are not the official websites of the
>>botanical journal "Wulfenia: Mitteilungen des Kaerntner
>>Botanikzentrums" published by the Regional Museum of Carinthia. Both
>>websites criminally usurp the identity of the official journal. They
>>fraudulently use false informations, a false editorial board and
>>false publication requirements to encourage authors to submit
>>articles and to transfer page fees to a bank account in Yerevan
>>The criminals use Address, ISSN, Impact Factor, etc of the official
>>journal. They changed the URL of the Regional Museum of Carinthia at
>>Thomson Reuters Master Journal List directing users to their
>>homepage. You can identify the homepages cited above as fake by
>>checking names of persons: the criminals have severe problems to
>>distinguish between first names and surnames (eg Editor's name:
>>Prof. Vienna S. Franz).
>>Please, don't transfer any money to VTB Bank (Armenia), Yerevan
>>Branch, Taylors Publications LLC (16048185548601 and 16048185548602).
>>The Regional Museum of Carinthia is not liable for any offence
>>undergone by potential authors who would have submitted articles via
>>the websites mentioned above. Download of articles from these
>>websites which were published in the official journal Wulfenia is
>>Best regards,
>>PS: According to the current thread on e-only publication for
>>zoology: are new names of taxa published in a fake journal valid?
> If we assume that this journal has no printed hard copies, then there
> are three criteria for an e-only name to be made available:
> (1) Registered in ZooBank
> (2) ISSN or ISBN number
> (3) indication of the intent to archive, with the external archive
> named in the e-document
> I doubt that a fraudulent journal would be complying with items 1 and
> 3, and if they are lying about having an ISSN number, then that -
> technically - is not being complied with, either. However, since at
> least item #1 is the author's responsibility, if an author has been
> tricked into submitting their work to a fake journal, then they might
> comply without realizing the problem. It is possible, certainly, that
> if the fake journal publishing a real work is archived externally, it
> would cease at that point to be "fake" - it would be as real a
> publication as any other e-only publication - aside from the usurped
> ISSN number. But no one who was not informed that the ISSN number was
> being used fraudulently would ever have a way to discern this,
> meaning an ISSN number in and of itself is no guarantee of
> authenticity (and, I should point out, this is not *essentially* any
> different from problems with paper publication!).
> If this sort of scenario is a concern, then one potential way to
> prevent such problems is to have ZooBank exercise editorial control
> at step 1. That is, the taxonomic community can insist (or at least
> request) that ZooBank be empowered to refuse to register names from
> untrusted sources (at least in cases where it is not an author
> personally registering a name), or de-register names that had been
> registered under false pretenses, thus rendering them unavailable
> (and, obviously, keeping a separate list of these "banned" names).
> Normally, such retroactive acts (making a name that was available
> suddenly unavailable) are counter to stability, but if it's what
> everyone wants and agrees upon, then that changes the picture. If
> people *do* support implementation of such a mandate, then I'd
> strongly urge interested members of the taxonomic community to draft
> a document to that effect, distributed widely and with as many
> signatories as possible. Speaking for myself, as a Commissioner, as
> long as there is a demonstrable consensus, then there is leverage to
> find ways to satisfy our constituency's interests (as in the case of
> this recent Code amendment). No promises, but it takes significant
> input from the community to change the status quo.
> Sincerely,
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