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John Noyes j.noyes at nhm.ac.uk
Wed Sep 12 04:17:30 CDT 2012

Dear Taxacomers,

Given the new amendment of the ICZN to allow the availablity of nomenclatural changes in e-only publications it strikes me that the Commission could have taken this consideration further. Perhaps they can in future.

Consider a PDF article where neither the article in itself meets the criteria of Article 8.5. nor is there any evidence that there is an identical printed version. 

It many such cases it can be virtually impossible to determine if there is a printed version and thus the availability of included taxonomic acts may be questionable. It would be very helpful if the code could include a rule that any article published in e-format (PDF) MUST include an appropriate statement along the lines of
1. Where there is an identical printed version: "This article is also published as an identical printed version issued on [Date]" 
2. Where there is not an identical printed version: "This article is published in PDF format only and meets the requirements of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, Article 8.5"

This way it would be absolutely clear from any article published as a PDF whether it meets the requirements of the ICZN in terms of availability.

Currently, in Chalcidoidea, about 10 taxonomic papers per year are published as PDF's where it is not clear whether there is an equivalent printed version. It can sometimes takes some considerable time to check whether the current requirements of the ICZN are met. Given the recent amendment to the Code, I see this situation getting worse and potentially dangerously confusing. 


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