[Taxacom] Predatory Open Access Publishers

Kirk Fitzhugh kfitzhugh at nhm.org
Thu Sep 13 11:46:10 CDT 2012

I'm reminded of what Stephen Stearns says in a Yale University article, 
'Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students 
<http://www.eeb.yale.edu/stearns/advice.htm>:' "The pressure to publish 
has corroded the quality of journals and the quality of intellectual 
life." Perhaps rather than complaining about 'predatory' journals, we 
need to change research standards. Stop thinking that the number of 
publications per year or journal impact factor are reasonable indicators 
of the quality of one's research. As one fluent in philosophy of 
science, I'm astounded at the poor quality of systematics research that 
regularly gets published in 'high end' journals. We continue to have a 
community that does not understand some of the most basic tenets of 
science, e.g. the nature of inference, the requirement of total 
evidence, or mechanics of hypothesis testing.


On 9/13/2012 8:24 AM, Sergio Vargas wrote:
> Dear taxacomers:
> A colleague gently send a link to a Nature editorial on Open Access
> publishing. In case you are interested please find the link(s) below.
> I know the topic has been raised before in the list. I think this will
> be especially important in taxonomy now that e-only publication is
> possible.
> Predatory publishers are corrupting open access:
> http://www.nature.com/news/predatory-publishers-are-corrupting-open-access-1.11385
> (A) List of predatory open access publishers:
> http://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/
> cheers
> sergio

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