[Taxacom] e-publication of EarlyView: clarification needed

Ken Kinman kinman at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 13 20:49:16 CDT 2012

Hi  David,       I am amazed how much PhyloCode adherents and many in the U.S. Congress parallel each other in increasingly crafting legalistic mumbo jumbo that usually kicks the can down the road, often pursues somewhat narrow goals that favor of their particular ideology, and all they produce for the rest of us is uncertainty, confusion, and frustration.  
      In my opinion, the benefits of always pursuing strict phylogenetic classification is about as believable as "trickle down" economics.  Not that most PhyloCodists necessarily benefit financially from such "muddle" (although a few probably do), but their legalistic argumentations seem increasingly incoherent (even within their own adherents).  In both cases, don't trust what they promise, but what they have produced.  PhyloCode in particular has often produced confusion, argumentation within their own ranks, classificatory uncertainty, and nomenclatural changes that have alienated many in both the zoological and botanical communities.                 
David Campbell wrote:
> The difficulty is that this is simple if you are a computer but not if
> you are a human, and who knows where you might end up if there's a
> typo in the string.  It's a bit like the PhyloCode advocates in the
> latest Systematic Biology trying to convince everyone that "Digitata
> Linnaeus 1759, 2:1144 [New Author] (Adansonia) RegNum-number" is a
> vast improvement over "Adansonia digitata L."


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