[Taxacom] e-publication of EarlyView: clarification needed

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Thanks, Neal - that was basically my interpretation as well.


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There were actually 71 articles in 457 pp. for that particular volume.
Numbering the articles in Roman numerals was a convention used by the Annals
and Magazine of Natural History for many decades. Most people ignore the
Roman numerals when citing an article as they were merely an internal
notation of organization of articles in each volume.




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Is it reasonable there would be 52 articles in 321pp? Seems possible, I



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On a completely separate topic...

R I Pocock (1898) LII.-On the Arachnida taken in the Transvaal and in

Nyasaland by Mr W. L. Distant and Dr Percy Rendall. Ann. Mag. nat. Hist.

(7) 1:





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