[Taxacom] Population Ecology Research Assistant in Zurich

Diego Fontaneto diego.fontaneto at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 08:12:54 CDT 2012

Laboratory Technical Assistant (50%)
The recently formed Population Ecology Research Group at University of
Zurich is looking for a Technical Laboratory Assistant (initially at
50% employment for one year, with possibility of extension) to work in
a rotifer demography laboratory. Our team investigates wildlife
population dynamics using a biodemographic perspective, and applies
modelling and statistical techniques to field and laboratory data to
test hypotheses on the dynamics and persistence of wildlife
populations. In this project, we will use an experimental rotifer
system to test hypotheses on the links between ecological and
evolutionary processes in changing environments.

Main tasks
You will provide technical support for our research and assist in the
building and running of a laboratory system of Bdelloid rotifers.
Techniques will include conducting population censuses, recording
individual-based life-histories and phenotypic trait measurements
using stereoscopic microscopes, and the set-up and maintenance of
selection lines. You will be responsible for maintaining the lab’s
stock cultures, perform experiments, manage and oversee day-to-day
laboratory functions, assist in the supervision of students and
research collaborators, managing data collections, participate in
analysing data, and keep detailed records of procedures and results.

Your profile
We are looking for a reliable, independent and team-oriented person
with sound laboratory and organisational skills, rigour in monitoring
and measurement of individual organisms, enthusiasm for ecological and
evolutionary research, an ability to work independently with minimal
supervision, as well as strong interpersonal, written and verbal
communication skills (in English and ideally in German too).
Experience with managing laboratory populations is highly desired, and
familiarity with analysis of data in R is a plus.

Our offer
We offer a job in a dynamic research environment, where you will be
member of a new Population Ecology Research Group in the Institute of
Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Sciences of the University of
Zurich and will be based at Irchel Campus.
The position is a 50% post with schedule flexible and depending on the
specific experimental requirement. Salary will be based on your
experience according to the guidelines of the Swiss National Science
Foundation. This is a unique career opportunity especially if you are
planning to continue to a PhD degree in a related field, as you will
participate in research design, conduct and analysis, and therefore,
partake in resulting publications.

Please send your application material including (1) a single page
cover letter, (2) your CV, and (3) contact info for two references,
all in electronic format, to Prof. Dr. Arpat Ozgul
(arpat.ozgul at ieu.uzh.ch) by October 15th, 2012.


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