[Taxacom] Stingless bee mimics

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Mon Sep 17 13:14:20 CDT 2012

Claus Rasmussen wrote:

>I am trying to compile a small list of insects that mimic stingless 
>bees throughout the tropics. So far I have encountered these mimics 
>-and references- in Syrphidae, Cerambycidae, Reduviidae, and 
>possibly Braconidae. I wonder if any of you can provide additional 
>groups that mimic these bees, including the expanded hindlegs?

Several bee families have species that mimic stingless bees - 
particularly Trigona s.l. (yes, it's fairly clear that it is not the 
other way around); Paratetrapedia is one of the genera that contains 
a very large number of such mimics, but there are others, including 
Megachile which mimic Melipona.

I am personally familiar also with syrphids in the genus Ubristes, 
and Megalopodid beetles (the genus Megalopus, at least) that are 
clearly mimics, including modified hind legs. I know there are other 
type of insects which I have seen specimens of, here and there, over 
the years, but have not known their exact identities - such as a few 
small Arctiids, and one or two other types of flies (maybe 
Platystomatids). That may not be terribly helpful, but don't be 
surprised if the final list is fairly long, so don't give up too 
quickly. ;-)


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