[Taxacom] Announcment: Ph.D. course in "Phylogenetic Systematics and Molecular Dating

Ole Seberg oles at snm.ku.dk
Mon Sep 24 02:53:53 CDT 2012

Ph. D.-course in “Phylogenetic Systematics and Molecular Dating” at The Natural Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen from January 21st to February 1st 2013
The aim of the course is to teach Ph.D. students the theory and methodology of phylogenetic systematics, alignment, and molecular dating. Among the subjects covered are:
Phylogenetic theory, Characters and character coding, Tree building techniques, Tree statistics and tree support, Bayesian inference, Maximum Likelihood, Alignment, and Molecular Dating. 
Various tree building programs (e.g., MrBayes, POY, and TNT) will be demonstrated and used. Lectures will alternate with practical exercises.
The course is preferentially for Ph.D. students; hence, biological knowledge corresponding to a M.Sc. is normally required. Admission to the course is highly competitive and approximately 18 students are admitted from a large group of applicants.
There is a tuition fee of 4,000 DKK (525 €), for Ph.D.-students not matriculated at a Danish University. 
Students not matriculated at a Danish University may apply for a grant of 525€ to cover the tuition fee. The grants (4 in total) are provided by the Distributed European School of Taxonomy, DEST. Visit the DEST homepage to see if you qualify for a grant: http://www.taxonomytraining.eu <http://www.taxonomytraining.eu/> .
Application deadline November 17th 2012
For application and further information see: http://snm.ku.dk/uddannelser/kurser/phylogenetic/

Ole Seberg and Gitte Petersen
Natural History Museum of Denmark

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