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If it's a PDF
If it has an ISSN
If the publisher considers it the 'version of record'

It's effectively published under the ICN[afp]


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Here's an interesting problem. As per message below, the Bryologist botanical journal will be offering an early-online exact copy of papers.
Each paper will have the date of early-online publications.

Q: Is a new name dated from the early-online copy, probably a PDF?

Q: Does the fact that the hard copy has an ISSN number different from those usually given electronic journals matter?

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To all members of ABLS:
The Editorial Board of The Bryologist is happy to announce the start of online early publishing of research articles at BioOne. Beginning today, research articles accepted for publication will appear at BioOne as soon as authors make final corrections to proofs and Allen Press makes production-quality versions. These are all final, paginated versions that include a date of online publication. They cannot be modified afterwards and will appear in print exactly as you see them in the online version.

Other articles (literature lists, memorials, etc.) will not appear online early, but will continue to be published in the print version of the journal.

To access these online-early papers, go to BioOne and browse The Bryologist. In addition to "Current Issue" and "List of Issues," there is now a link to "Issue in Progress." This will be updated continuously with accepted papers until a print issue is published. 

We hope you will take an opportunity to visit BioOne frequently to see early-issue research published by ABLS members. You should all have personal access to BioOne, but if you have forgotten your login information, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer, Jim Bennett.

Best wishes,
James Lawrey


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