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Richard Zander Richard.Zander at mobot.org
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Yes, this is a major point, and I agree with Joe K. If the journal's
hardcopy ISSN number applies also to the early-online version, then the
online-version takes precedence over the hardcopy version. But . . . 

Given that there is no promise that early-online versions are archived
and not just turned off when the hard-copy comes out, there is a
problem. The early-online version should stand alone as an electronic

Isn't there something in the new code about this? Didn't John McNeill
send a message about this (which I didn't study).

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Can an electronic version of a print journal have the same ISSN as the
print version of the journal, or does it have to have a separate ISSN
for each?

Joe K

Joseph H. Kirkbride, Jr.

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