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Paul, there is no extant copy. It does not exist. Even if 10 web surfers
swore they saw it, it does not exist. How can this be part of the



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Thanks for the url of the ICN portion on effective publication.

Note that it says in part
"Ex. 4.  The paper (in S. African J. Bot. 80: 63-66; ISSN 0254-6299) in
which the name Nanobubon hypogaeum J. Magee appears was effectively
published online as a PDF document on 30 March 2012 in its "final and
fully citable" form, prior to publication of the printed version (May

Well I looked up the place of effective publication and could only find
the May version, see url below. Maybe the March version (which should be
labeled as MARCH) is available in PDF (costs too much to find out) but I
doubt it. Since there is no "fully citable" extant copy of the March
version, it was effectively published in May, not March contrary to Ex.
4. Maybe.


IPNI has an entry that says: "S. African J. Bot. 80: 64 (63-66; fig.,
2012 [30 Mar 2012] [epublished]", so I am not immediately worried
about the date of publication.


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