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The ICN[afp] (previously ICBN) has for many decades included guidance on determining the date of a nomenclatural act to establish priority (i.e. the date of effective publication), even when two names have equal priority. If all else fails there is a well established procedure to deal with the 'failure' (imo the time span to reach a decision could be significantly reduced). Determining the authors intention is part of the process of determining Code compliance, even under some circumstances when the author doesn't realize what he/she is doing. Code compliance in the era of mandatory registration for names of fungi (sensu ICN[afp]) is, with the exception of the inclusion of an identifier for the name, entirely dependant on what is in the protologue. Thus, who registers the name is strictly not important for the 'name' does not exist until the protologue becomes Code compliant (effectively published) and the authors intentions are evaluated together with the other requirements to determine if the name is Code compliant.


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Roderic Page <r.page at bio.gla.ac.uk> wrote:
> Rather than try and divine the exact date an article was published
> from metadata in the PDF or from CrossRef, wouldn't it make sense to
> have the publication and name registered at time of publication, for
> example by collaborating with the publishers so that they can submit
> this data automatically?

A counter argument to this (one made in the proposal for registration of mycological names) is that only authors should be allowed to register names, so that when a name plus registration GUID appear in a publication it is unambigouus that the author intended to create a new name.

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