[Taxacom] Sinoniscus Liu and Wang

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well, you *could* trust Zoological Record (in the form of ION: http://www.organismnames.com/details.htm?lsid=74649 )
it proves nothing, but it indicates that the publication at least exists ...

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you are right, for valid name I meant available. I also think that it is an available name but If I do not see the original publication in Chinese, I cannot be sure. I had already googled it, but could not find it online, that's why I asked for help.


At 00.47 28/09/2012, Stephen Thorpe wrote:

>Why do you need to know if the fish genus is valid??
>It only needs to be an available name (not necessarily valid), in order for the isopod name to be an invalid junior homonym ...
>There is no reason to think that the fossil fish name is unavailable, but hard to be 100% sure as the original memoir is in Chinese and not available online (http://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Sinoniscus_%28Liu_%26_Wang%29)
>A Google search for the species name does turn up some hits in other literature, but mostly in Chinese ...
>From: Stefano Taiti <stefano.taiti at ise.cnr.it>
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>Sinoniscus Liu & Wang, 1978 is a fossil fish, Sinoniscus Schultz, 
>1995 is an isopod. I just need to know if the former is valid.
>At 21.28 27/09/2012, John Bruner wrote:
>>Fish? You mean isopod.
>>(STYLONISCIDAE: ONISCIDEA). Proceedings of the Biological Society of 
>>Washington.  Vol. 108(2):201-206.
>>On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Stefano Taiti 
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>>Dear All,
>>I wonder if any fish paleontologist can help me.
>>I need to know if the genus Sinoniscus Liu & Wang, 1978 (Memoirs of
>>the Institute of vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology,
>>Pecking 13:6) is valid.  Can anyone provide me with the pdf of that
>>paper? Thanks a lot.
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