[Taxacom] Apologies!

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Sat Apr 13 17:37:17 CDT 2013

Crap.  I was afraid of that (i.e., garbled table).  Sorry, everyone.  It
looked a lot cleaner in my email client before I clicked "Send".


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> These are the kinds of questions we could answer in a split second with a
> fully-populated Global Names Usage Bank.  I know those sound like very
> empty and/or idealistic and/or naïve words (fair enough).  But those words
> also happen to be true.
> I had never thought to do this sort of analysis before using GNUB, but It
> me only about five minutes to write a query that produced the following
> filtered by "Actinopterygii" (only the top 20 records are shown; the total
> results included 3899 records):
> Name							Total	Valid	%
> Start	End
> -----------------------------------
> Bleeker, Pieter						1952	829
> 1836	1931

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