[Taxacom] Not news: Latin scholarship statistically zero

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A species-group name must not consist of WORDS related by a conjunction.
This means, species-group names must not consist of more than one word related by a conjunction. Clarkia rudis planusque would not be available. Clarkia rudisplanusque would be. So I read it.

In the case of macrofasciculumque and microfasciculumque, the conjunction relates nothing. Or we accept that those species are characterized by 'big and bunch' and 'small and bunch'. Too much beer for lunch.

According to Art. 11.9. a species-group name, if a Latin or latinized word "must be, or be treated as" a noun, adjective of participle. The authors treated fasciculumque as a noun (in their "Etymology") since obviously they were unaware of the little conjunctional appendix.

Those names are pretty unscholarly formed, to be polite, but certainly available.

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On 2013-04-06 4:52 PM, Roger Burks wrote:
> Examples. Expressions like "rudis planusque" (in which "-que" is a
> conjunction) and "?-album" are not admissible as species-group names.

That seems really explicit. Does that make the species names nomina
nuda? (It would under the ICN.)

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