[Taxacom] Essig Museum Visiting Taxonomist Grant. Come visit us!

Kipling WILL kipwill at berkeley.edu
Sun Apr 7 11:02:33 CDT 2013

Purpose: This fund is to help defer travel costs incurred by taxonomic
experts whose visit will enhance the state of the specimens in the Essig
collection and associated electronic data.

Amount: Typical awards will be $600-$1000, provision being given for
distance traveled and duration of time spent working in the Essig
collection. The award committee will make the selection based on the
requirements and preferences as listed below and contingent on the
availability of funds.

Eligibility: Any person with taxonomic expertise and currently active
research may apply. Applicants must have demonstrated the skills needed to
enhance our collection. If the applicant is not currently employed with an
institution or private-sector business as an entomologist or similar, then
he/she must provide evidence of some actual connection, formal or informal,
to the mainstream community of researchers. A brief letter of
recommendation or list of publications would be sufficient for this
purpose. All students should provide a very brief letter of endorsement
from an advisor, which attests to their taxonomic expertise.

Application period and deadline: Applications may be submitted at any time
during the year, but at least three months before the planned visit.

Details on how to apply are here: http://essig.berkeley.edu/research/EVT.pdf


Contact info:

Kipling W. Will
Associate Professor/Insect Systematist
Associate Director,Essig Museum of Entomology

send specimens to:
Essig Museum of Entomology
1101 Valley Life Sciences Building, #4780
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-4780

letter mail to:
130 Mulford Hall
ESPM Dept.- Organisms & Environment Div.
University of California
Berkeley, California 94720

fax 510-643-5438

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