[Taxacom] Generic type of large genus belongs in different genus (Ken Kinman)

Alan Harvey aharvey at georgiasouthern.edu
Mon Apr 8 13:17:52 CDT 2013

Interesting twists and turns that responses to this query has taken (the D.
melanogaster story is particularly intriguing)! I guess I shouldn't be
surprised that the recommendations have ranged so widely (it's almost
reassuring, actually, given that I couldn't decide what was most
appropriate!). Ken, you're right, these are animals; I haven't had the
opportunity to work with the ICBN yet, but would hope their philosophies
would be basically the same. My personal preference would be to petition to
change type species for the larger genus; although I've successfully
petitioned the ICZN to suppress an older but rarely used name for a single
species, the current situation is rather larger in scope and coverage.



Hi Doug,

        Yes, I agree that the Drosophila case was rather different, and I
also agree with Frank that a decision in this case could be rather
different than in the Drosophila case.  Therefore, I think a petition to
the ICZN to change the type species would likely be successful in this
case.  By the way, I was under the impression that the genus which Alan was
discussing was an animal genus, or was I wrong about that Alan?  But
whether it be ICZN or ICBN, I still think changing the type species of the
large genus would be the best solution and thus would be adopted.


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