[Taxacom] prolific species describers

Ohl, Michael Michael.Ohl at mfn-berlin.de
Sat Apr 13 08:53:02 CDT 2013


I had expected that this request has already been posted in Taxacom, but my (very) quick search in the Taxacom archive resulted in nothing. So here it is (again?).

I am trying to set up a list of the most prolific species describers in zoology. A few names immediately came to my mind, like Charles Paul Alexander with more than 11,000 names in Diptera, and Johann Christian Fabricius with more than 10,000 names across several insect orders. But there might be more!

So please post your bid for higher or similar numbers! I will distribute a top-10-list at the end.

Although I am basically interested in the total number of names published by a single person, any further statistics are welcome, if available. Number of names still valid today, total number of genus- vs. species-group names ....

Cheers, Michael Ohl

Museum fuer Naturkunde, Berlin

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