[Taxacom] Carex in Kashmir, Himalaya, India

Jacob Koopman jackoopman at e-cho.pl
Mon Apr 15 13:47:57 CDT 2013

Hi all,


I am glad to announce, also on behalf of Dr Ehtisham Shah and Prof. G.H.
Dar, a new publication, about all the taxa of the genus Carex L.
(Cyperaceae) from Kashmir, Himalaya, India. The book is going to be
published by Margraf, Weikersheim (Germany), hopefully this summer. For more
information and for pre-ordering the book for an attractive price, see the
flyer at the publisher's website: http://www.margraf-publishers.eu/ .


For more information you can also contact Ehtisham Shah,
shah_ehtisham at rediffmail.com , or me.






Jac. Koopman



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