[Taxacom] prolific species describers

David Campbell pleuronaia at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 14:08:07 CDT 2013

> The most prolific authors of molluscan names seem to be Henry
> Augustus Pilsbry with 5,680 names, and close runner-up, William
> Healey Dall, with 5,302 (plus 125 non-molluscan taxa).
I believe that Ed Peteuch has a personal goal of exceeding that number.
Bourguignat was also extremely prolific in the Mollusca, even not counting
the papers he published under colleagues' names (with much praise of
himself).  The vast majority of his and other "Nouvelle Ecole" names
have been widely ignored, often deservedly, but if you name every specimen
you get ahold of, some of them do often turn out to be valid.  I don't know
of anyone tallying all the species names, but given that some common,
variable European freshwater bivalves got a few hundredd synonmys, the
grand total of species must be large.

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