[Taxacom] Renier, Stefano Andrea [1807].

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A little late for contacting the 'author' directly.  He's moved on ...

Does anyone know of, or have available, a pdf of the 'Tavole' of Renier?

Renier, Stefano Andrea [1807]. Tavole per servire alla classificazione e
connoscenza degli Animali: Padova, Stabe fils. [Unavailable publication,
ICZN Opinion 427]

This is the 3rd and largest of a series of unpublished tables with
footnotes known as the 'Tavola Alfabetica', the 'Prospetto', and the
'Tavole per servire'.

I know of the reduced size Sherborn photo prints of 1905 at NHM. The
original of the 'Tavole' still exists at the U of Padua, but has not been
digitised to my knowledge. Probably the same applies to an 1847 version of
Renier published ed by Meneghini as 'Osservazioni postume di zoologia ...'

Thanks for any suggestions,


Geoffrey B. Read, Ph.D.
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