[Taxacom] Fifth International DNA Barcoding Conference, Kunming, China, October 27-31, 2013

Alex Borisenko aborisen at uoguelph.ca
Thu Aug 1 11:34:55 CDT 2013

Dear Taxacom Members, 
Please see conference announcement below. Apologies for any cross-posting. 
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The Chinese Academy of Sciences’ and Kunming Institute of Botany are pleased 
to host the 5th International Barcode of Life Conference: 


The conference will consist of four days of plenary and parallel sessions. 
Preconference events, such as discussion meetings focusing on advances in 
sequencing and informatics techniques will be held on the Sunday before the 
conference. There is also a Training Course associated with the conference 
(max 30 delegates). 
Past conferences have brought together participants from over 60 countries, 
including researchers, students, government officials, and representatives 
of NGOs and private companies. This year’s conference hosts have provided a 
venue that can host up to 500 participants. 

The current list of invited speakers for the plenary sessions includes: 

Michael Balke, Zoologische Staatssammlung Munich 
Tania Bubela, University of Alberta 
Elizabeth Clare, Queen Mary University of London 
Mehrdad Hajibabaei, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario 
Gerhard Haszprunar, Zoologische Staatssammlung Munich 
Paul Hebert, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario 
Pete Hollingsworth, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh 
Da-Wei Huang, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
John Kress, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution 
Richard Lane, Natural History Museum, London 
De-Zhu Li, Kunming Institute of Botany 
Dario Litjmaer, Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales 
Scott Miller, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution 
Bob Murphy, Royal Ontario Museum 
Jan Pawlowski, University of Geneva 
Tomas Roslin, University of Helsinki 
Linda Santschi, Coastal Marine Biolabs 
Gary Saunders, University of New Brunswick 
Graham Stone, University of Edinburgh 
Michelle Van der Bank, University of Johannesburg 
Alfried Vogler, Imperial College London 
Zhu-Liang Yang, Kunming Institute of Botany 
Douglas Yu, Kunming Institute of Zoology 
Baoli Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

A detailed program can be found at 
http://www.dnabarcodes2013.org/dct/page/70039 . It also lists the expected 
themes for the parallel sessions. 

Abstract (for parallel and poster sessions) submission deadline -15. August 
2013 ( http://www.dnabarcodes2013.org/dct/page/70044 ) 
Registration is already open: http://www.dnabarcodes2013.org/dct/page/65554 

Further information on venue, accommodation etc. can be found on the 
conference website: http://www.dnabarcodes2013.org 

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