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Volume 1, Number 2 / July 2013 of *Life: The Excitement of Biolog*y is now *
freely* available on the essential.metapress.com website at

This issue contains:

 Attraction of male *Lymantria schaeferi* Schintlmeister (Lepidoptera:
Erebidae: Lymantriinae) to traps baited with (+)-xylinalure in Jiangxi
Province, China <http://essential.metapress.com/content/72012341512h50j6/>

p. 95

Paul W. Schaefer, Ming Jiang, Regine Gries, et al.

DOI: 10.9784/LEB1(2)Schaefer.01<http://essential.metapress.com/content/72012341512h50j6/>

A new species of *Sphaeropsocus* Hagen from southeastern United

p. 100

Edward L. Mockford

DOI: 10.9784/LEB1(2)Mockford.02<http://essential.metapress.com/content/55g0757342366103/>

Effects of an agricultural extract of the brown alga, *Ascophyllum
nodosum*(Phaeophyceae), on mango,
*Mangifera indica* (Anacardiaceae), grown for transplants in the

p. 111

J. Pablo Morales-Payan

DOI: 10.9784/LEB1(2)Morales.03<http://essential.metapress.com/content/gw035788320482n7/>

Acoustic characteristics of a native anuran (Amphibia) assemblage in a
palustrine herbaceous wetland from Puerto

p. 118

Neftalí Ríos-López, Luis J. Villanueva-Rivera

DOI: 10.9784/LEB1(2)Rios.04<http://essential.metapress.com/content/kl720k7158n7n522/>

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