[Taxacom] Should we act now to stop an attack on the rules of Zoological Nomenclature?

Raymond Hoser - The Snakeman viper007 at live.com.au
Fri Aug 9 19:33:21 CDT 2013

Dear All,  

an alleged UK academic by the name of Wolfgang Wuster has led a
charge across dozens of internet domains and elsewhere seeking a wholesale
destruction of the established rules of nomenclature, repeatedly telling people
to ignore and overwrite valid scientific names, with their own invented names if they so choose.

While the original attacks were confined to myself (Raymond
Hoser, a long-term target of Wuster) and since 2012 half a dozen other respected herpetologists (Fitzinger from the 1800's, Wells, Wellington,
McCord, etc) and names formally proposed by us (noting we are not connected to
one another and separated by a century in some cases), Wuster’s increasingly
ridiculous claims have found their way into arachnid, fish and other non-reptile
groups threatening further instability in these areas as well and are across Facebook in particular like a rash.

There’s no question that Wuster’s reckless conduct is
causing instability and confusion in Zoological nomenclature, and the damage already
includes several hundred valid zoological names that he has attacked directly,
many in widespread usage for many years and many more valid names and authors
implicitly, by advising others to copy him as they see fit and across all
Zoological disciplines.

Of course, the longer Wuster’s actions continue the greater
the damage to zoological nomenclature as a whole and the stability it ensures.

Should the ICZN step in now to stop his actions with one or
more formal statements and "opinions" or should the commission sit back and wait for further
damage to be caused before moving on this? Snake Man Raymond Hoser


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