[Taxacom] FW: microscope Jena technoval

Ricardo bayshark at bigfoot.com
Sun Aug 11 21:31:51 CDT 2013



I am looking for accessories and parts for binocular microscope Jenna
Technoval 2.
Anyone have some spare unneeded accessories as camera attachment, oculars,
literature, etc?
Thank you very much for any advice. 
Keep care and be of good cheer.




(name) Vratislav Richard Eugene Maria John Baptist

(surname) of Bejšák (read as a Bayshark)-Colloredo-Mansfeld 

website: www.coleoptera.org

address: P.O.Box 3335 , Redfern, NSW 2016

phone : +61 0420602040
alternate email: bayshark at bigfoot.com


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