[Taxacom] Anton Bruun, reliability of depth

Rosenberg,Gary rosenberg.ansp at drexel.edu
Thu Aug 15 12:03:07 CDT 2013

What does "Reliability of Depth" mean in the station records of the Anton Bruun on the International Indian Ocean Expedition? The values are 1, 2 or 3. A pdf of the station data is available here https://darchive.mblwhoilibrary.org/handle/1912/5875.

Also, are there documented problems with Anton Bruun localities? The ANSP collection has mollusks from Cruise 1 and our station labels sometimes have different depths than recorded in the cruise records. Also, we have station numbers (e.g., 18A, 18B, 36A, 37A) that do not occur in the published station records.

Station 18 (published): 21 March 1963, 7°41'N, 97°59'E, 155 m
Station 18a (ANSP):       21 March 1963, 7°34'N, 97°59'E, 77 m

Does the original log book exist?

Gary Rosenberg

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Drexel University

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