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Yes, well they can, of course, recommend whatever they like! One thing with citing we pages is that there is little point citing date accessed if the history isn't preserved so you can revisit the actual document cited. They also need a facility for anyone to add annotations in a visible and logged manner to any page, so as to flag errors and/or problems (it isn't good enough for them to just accept such feedback "behind the scenes" and then perhaps fix it leaving no trace of the original error). Nevertheless, this website is a lot better in principle than what Costello et al. are lobbying for. What they want is to procure public funding to publish standard format scientific papers which provide "peer reviewed" checklists, which can then be harvestede by GBIF, etc. That way, citations of the checklist count in the same way as an original paper to the authors record. There are many problems with this approach, not least being that checklists and other
 data are all about the details, whereas peer review hardly ever/never has time to pick through details, but just addresses the overall structure of a publication. I say: why limit peer review to a narrow window before publication? Why not go for post-publication peer review via a wiki setup on a website? Anyway, on the Costello et al. approach, I can see a big temptation for more and more taxonomists to go for the soft option of doing checklists rather than using public funding for taxonomy for taxonomy!

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Hi, Stephen.

Not off-topic! Christian and Martin write:

"Recommended citation format for the RWC as a whole:

Jersabek, C. D. & Leitner, M. F. (2013): The Rotifer World Catalog. World Wide Web electronic publication. http://www.rotifera.hausdernatur.at/,accessed {date of access}.

Example citation of a taxon page:

Jersabek, C. D. & Leitner, M. F. (2013): Cephalodella hollowdayi Koste, 1986. In: Jersabek, C.D. & Leitner, M.F. (2013): The Rotifer World Catalog. World Wide Web electronic publication. http://www.rotifera.hausdernatur.at/Species/Index/222,accessed {date of access}."
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